This Conference will be held at Colégio do Espírito Santo, Évora – Portugal.



Universidade de Évora
Largo das Colegiais 2 (entrada pela R. do Cardeal Rei 6)
7000-803 ÉVORA
 Tel.: +351 266 740 800






Biographical History

Hélène Gispert (Paris-Sud University)


Testing the biographical undertaking in the case of the French mathematician Emile Borel (1871-1956): pitfalls, challenges and assets

Intellectual history

Benoît Godin (INRS)


Innovation and the Marginalization of Research

Portuguese STI History

João Caraça (FCG)

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 17.23.05.png

A maioridade da política científica em Portugal: a ação da JNICT de 1978 a 1982

[The majority of scientific policy in Portugal: the JNICT action from 1978 to 1982]

Final Programme


DAY I – Thursday, November 23 (Colégio do Espírito Santo, Évora)





Opening Ceremony – Exma. Prof. Doutora Maria Fernanda Rollo, MCTES, Secretary of State (Secretária de Estado da Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior) and Magnífica Reitora Ana Costa Freitas, University of Evora Rector

 Coffee break



Opening Conference – Hélène Gispert (Paris-Sud University), Testing the biographical undertaking in the case of the French mathematician Emile Borel (1871-1956): pitfalls, challenges and assets





 Coffee break with short presentations of recently launched books




 Dinner (around 19.30)


DAY II – Friday, November 24 (Colégio do Espírito Santo, Évora)



 Coffee break







Conference – Benoît Godin (INRS), Innovation and the Marginalization of Research

 Coffee break



Conference – João Caraça (FCG), A maioridade da política científica em Portugal: a ação da JNICT de 1978 a 1982

18.00-18.30: Closing session


Cultural Programme

  • 23 November, Dinner [clique HERE for details] – 19.30 (enrolment and payment should be made at the registration desk)
  • 23 November, Musical Concert at Colégio das Artes – 21h30


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Invited Speakers



Hélène Gispert is professor in History of Science at Paris-Sud University. Her research focuses on the history of mathematics in the XIXth and XXth centuries France, more specifically on the history of circulation of mathematics in different institutional, social and cultural frames, and the history of French mathematical milieux.

Professor Gispert has been recently and for some years now working with the biographical approach, namely on the french mathematician Émile Borel, with several publications, like the forthcoming “Émile Borel (1871-1956) et Henri Lebesgue (1875-1941), Chronique d’une rupture annoncée” (In: Goldstein, C. (ed) Trajectoires de mathématiciens pendant la première guerre mondiale). Her experience with the biographical account deserved already interesting reflection: i.e. Gispert, Hélène. L’entreprise biographique à l’épreuve: écueils, défis, atouts du cas d’Emile Borel (In: L. Rollet & P. Nabonnand (dir.), Les Uns et les Autres… ; Biographies et prosopographies en histoire des sciences, Presses universitaires de Nancy, 2012).

Besides those mentioned works, other important contributions are:

  • Gispert, H. (2015), La France mathématique de la Troisième République avant la Grande Guerre, Paris : SMF.
  • Gispert, H. (2015), Philippe Nabonnand, Jeanne Peiffer (eds.), “Circulations et échanges mathématiques (18e-20e siècles)”, Philosophia Scientiae, 19 (2).
  • Aubin, D.,  Gispert, H.  &  Goldstein, C. (2014), “The total war of French mathematicians”, in D. Aubin & C. Goldstein (eds.), The war of Guns and Mathematics, Providence: AMS, 125-179.
  • Gispert, H. (2014) “Mathematics Education in France (1800-1980)”, in Karp Alexander & Schubring Gert (eds.), Handbook on the History of Mathematics Education,  Springer, 229-240.

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Benoît GODIN


Holds a Dphil in Science-Technology-Society, Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU), Sussex University (England).
He is professor and researcher at INRS – “Institut national de la recherche scientifique”, centre / Urbanisation Culture Société (Montreal, Canada) and since 1992 he is funded by the Canadian SSHERC .
Professor Godin is a editorial board member of a dozen journals.
In 2014, he launched the CASTI Network – Conceptual Approaches to Science, Technology and Innovation, an Interdisciplinary Research Network ( and, presently, he is launching NOvation: Critical Studies of Innovation, an international journal of discourse analysis, conceptual history and intellectual history in STS – Science, Technology & Society and Innovation Studies.

Benoît Godin is currently conducting a long-term research project on the intellectual history of innovation, from Antiquity to the present. Innovation Contested (see here) is one of the main outputs of this project. He also published recently (2017) a book on the idea of models (of innovation), where he rethinks and debunks the historical narratives of models developed by theorists of innovation (see here).

Among others, his most important contributions are:

  • Godin, B.  (2017), Models of Innovation. The History of an Idea. MIT Press eBooks.
  • Godin, B. (2015), Innovation Contested: The Idea of Innovation Over the Centuries. London: Routledge.
  • Godin, B. (2005), Measurement and Statistics on Science and Technology: 1920 to the present, Series in the History of Science, Technology and Medicine. London: Routledge. [Translated in Chinese in 2008; Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China].

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Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 17.23.05.png

PhD in Nuclear Physics (Oxford) and Aggregated Professor in Physics (Lisbon), João Caraça was Director of the French Delegation of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (FCG) from 2012 until 2016. Formerly Director of the Science Service at FCG from 1988 to 2011. He was a member of the EIT Board – European Institute of Innovation and Technology, from 2008 to 2012. It is a member of the Steering Committee of the European Philanthropy and Science Forum. He is, since 2017, President of the General Council of the University of Coimbra.

Professor of Economics and Management of Science, Technology and Innovation (1990-2003), he was coordinator and still is guest professor at the Higher Institute of Economics and Management at the University of Lisbon.

He was Consultant for Science of the President of the Portuguese Republic, from 1996 to 2006 and is the author of over one hundred and fifty scientific papers. He was Chairman of the Advisory Board of COTEC – Entrepreneurial Association for Innovation. His interests are on the areas of science and technology policy, foresight and the history of thought and culture.

He published several Works: Do Saber ao Fazer: Porquê Organizar a Ciência [From Knowledge to Making: Why Organizing Science] (1993), Ciência [Science] (1997), Science et Communication [Science and Communication] (1999), Entre a Ciência e a Consciência [Between Science and Conscience] (2002) e À Procura do Portugal Moderno [Looking for the Modern Portugal] (2003). He participated in the drafting of Limites à Competição [Limits to Competition] (1994) and the A Nova Primavera do Político [The New Spring of the Politician] (2007) and in the organization of the O Futuro Tecnológico [The Technological Future] (1999), the Ideias Perigosas para Portugal [Dangerous Ideas for Portugal] (2010), the Aftermath: The Cultures of the Economic Crisis (2012) and the Power, Leadership and Complexity (2015).

Scientific Committee

Adílio Jorge Marques (U.F.F., Brazil)

Adriana Feld (CONICET / U.N.Q., Argentina)

Álvaro Garrido (U.C., Portugal)

Ana Cardoso Matos (CIDEHUS / U.E., Portugal)

Ana Cristina Martins (IHC, Portugal)

Ana Simões (CIUHCT / F.C.U.L., Portugal)

António Augusto Passos Videira (U.E.R.J., Brazil)

Carolina Bagattolli (4P-U.F.P.R., Brazil)

Gilson Leandro Queluz (U.T.F.P.R., Brazil)

Irina Podgorny (FCNM-U.N.L.P., Argentina)

Isabel Malaquias (U.A., Portugal)

Leoncio López-Ócon (CSIC, Spain)

Luís Alberto Marques Alves (CITCEM / F.L.U.P., Portugal)

Luís Miguel Carolino (I.S.C.T.E., Portugal)

João Príncipe (U.E., Portugal)

João Rui Pita (CEIS20 / U.C., Portugal)

Jose Pedro Sousa Dias (MUNHAC, Portugal)

Jorge Alves (F.L.U.P., Portugal)

Maria Paula Diogo (CIUHCT / FCT-U.N.L)

Maria Margaret Lopes (Unicamp, Brazil)

Martha Cecilia Bustamante (U. Paris 7, França)

Manuel Valente Alves (F.M.U.L., Portugal)

Olival Freire Jr. (U.F.Ba., Brazil)

Victor Navarro Brotons (U.V., Spain)


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Circular –

It is being organized an international conference dedicated to the “Biographical and Intellectual History of Science, Technology and Innovation: Philosophical Perspectives and Political Visions”. The purpose of this event in the History of Science field, though maintaining relation to other disciplinary and interdisciplinary areas, is to bring together specialists and the interested public in topics of the biographical and intellectual history regarding Science, Technology and Innovation.

This an event with international profile, to be held on November 23 and 24, 2017, which will have the presence of two invited speakers, a roundtable discussion and a momentum of gathering a scope of participants, between those that are invited to attend and the ones selected by public call, from where it will be selected by our Scientific Committee a set of proposals to compose a few sessions of short communications.

Additionally, the organization is promoting the possibility of publishing a thematic issue within a publication of scholar specialty, in accordance with the ‘peer review’ procedures for academic publications.

We thank you in advance for your interest and the dissemination of this initiative.


The Organizing Committee

Augusto José Fitas (IHC-CEHFCI-U.E.)

Maria de Fátima Nunes (IHC-CEHFCI-U.E.)

Tiago Brandão (IHC, FCSH-UNL)

Circular –

Está em curso a preparação para o evento internacional dedicado à “História Biográfica e Intelectual da Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovação: Perspectivas filosóficas e visões de política”. O intuito deste evento de História da Ciência, incluindo demais áreas disciplinares e interdisciplinares correlatas, é reunir especialistas e interessados em temas de história biográfica e intelectual da Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovação.

O evento, de cariz internacional, decorrerá nos dias 23 e 24 de Novembro de 2017, contando com dois conferencistas convidados, uma mesa redonda e participantes selecionados, após chamada pública e consequente avaliação dos resumos de propostas de comunicação pela Comissão Científica.

A organização está equacionar a possibilidade de fazer publicar um dossier temático numa publicação da especialidade, em conformidade com os trâmites de arbitragem científica de publicações de referência.

Agradecemos desde já o vosso interesse e a divulgação desta iniciativa.


A Comissão Organizadora

Augusto José Fitas (Universidade de Évora / IHC-CEHFCI-U.E.)

Maria de Fátima Nunes (Universidade de Évora / IHC-CEHFCI-U.E.)

Tiago Brandão (IHC, FCSH-UNL)

Call of Papers


Call for papers (in Portuguese)

Está aberta chamada para submissão de propostas de comunicação individual para o evento internacional “História Biográfica e Intelectual da Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovação: Perspectivas filosóficas e visões de política”, a decorrer até 30 de Abril próximo.

O evento decorrerá em Évora, nos dias 23 e 24 de Novembro de 2017, contando com a participação de dois oradores convidados (Hélène Gispert e Benoît Godin), uma mesa redonda e a possibilidade de publicação dos melhores trabalhos numa publicação, em processo de ‘peer review’.

A selecção das propostas pela Comissão Científica pressupõe o cumprimento dos seguintes parâmetros: um resumo em até 300 palavras, 5 Palavras-chave e menção a um máximo 4-5 referências bibliográficas, a submeter pela plataforma


A Comissão Organizadora

Augusto José dos Santos Fitas (Universidade de Évora / IHC-CEHFCI-U.E.)

Maria de Fátima Nunes (Universidade de Évora / IHC-CEHFCI-U.E.)

Tiago Brandão (IHC, FCSH-U.N.L.)

Eixos temáticos

1 – «Gurus e mandarins» universitários e as estruturas de poder em C&T

2 – Académicos e científicos na organização da Ciência

3 – Engenheiros e industriais: os arautos da Técnica

4 – Tecnocratas e burocratas: da política científica à política tecnológica

5 – Intelectuais e trabalhadores: oposições e contra-poder na história da política científica

6 – Temas Livres*

*As comunicações enviadas como tema livre serão avaliadas em função da sua qualidade intrínseca e dispostas em sessões afins.

Call for papers (in English)

It is open until April 30 2017, a call for the submission of individual communication proposals to take place within the international conference entitled “Biographical and Intellectual History of Science, Technology and Innovation: Philosophical Perspectives and Views of Politics”, to be held in Portugal.

The event will take place in Portuguese city of Évora, on the November 23rd and 24th, 2017, counting with the participation of two invited speakers (Hélène Gispert and Benoît Godin), a public discussion roundtable and having in mind the possibility of publishing the best works within a peer review publication.

The selection of proposals by the Scientific Committee presupposes compliance with the following parameters: a summary of up to 300 words, 5 Keywords and a maximum of 4-5 bibliographical references, to be submitted through the web platform


The Organizing Committee

Augusto José dos Santos Fitas (Universidade de Évora / IHC-CEHFCI-U.E.)

Maria de Fátima Nunes (Universidade de Évora / IHC-CEHFCI-U.E.)

Tiago Brandão (IHC, FCSH-U.N.L.)

Thematic axis:

1 – University «Gurus and Mandarins» and power structures in S&T

2 – Academics and scientists in the organization of science

3 – Engineers and industrialists: the heralds of the Technique

4 – Technocrats and bureaucrats: from scientific policy to technological policy

5 – Intellectuals and workers: oppositions and counter-power in the history of scientific policy

6 – Free Themes*

* The communications sent as free themes will be evaluated according to their intrinsic quality and arranged in related sessions.


  • Event opening: 23 November  2017(Thursday)
  • Event closing: 24 November 2017 (Friday)
  • First Circular: January 2017
  • Call of papers (CfP): from February
  • CfP Deadline: 1 June
  • Decisions on presentations acceptance: 30 July
  • Early registration opens: from February (20€ students / 50€ professors)
  • Registration is open until 25 September (after this, will be charge extra)
  • Full programme released online: 1 November


  • Abertura: 23 de Novembro de 2017 (Quinta-feira)
  • Encerramento: 24 de Novembro de 2017 (Sexta-feira)
  • Primeira circular: Janeiro de 2017
  • Chamada de propostas: Fevereiro
  • Data limite de submissão de propostas: 30 de Abril
  • Decisão de aceitação das propostas submetidas: 30 de Junho
  • Abertura do período de inscrição: 30 de Junho (20€ estudantes / 50€ professores)
  • Inscrições decorrem até 25 de Setembro
  • Divulgação do programa online: 30 de Setembro