The submission of communication proposals should be made via

  • Instructions: within a PDF document, a summary of up to 300 words, 5 Keywords and a maximum of 4-5 bibliographical references, together with the normal credentials (name, institutional affiliation, etc.);
  • This elements will be uploaded, by you, in the UE website platform, within a PDF document to be attached online;
  • It won’t be accepted more than one proposal per author (exception will be made just for co-authorship, and just one beyond the main proposal).

Registration after proposal acceptance should also be made via

Instructions steps:

1 – Sign up in (you will receive a confirmation email to finish your sign up)
2 – After login in go to
3 – On the right side of the page choose “Register”
4 – (Optional if you want to submit abstract) On the right side of the page choose “Submit Abstract”
5 – After registration choose “Confirm Registration”
6 – After you confirm your registration you will be given the amount payable according to the options you selected in the option “Confirm payment”.

(Versão PT)
1 – Realize o seu registo em (receberá um email de confirmação para finlizar o seu registo)
2 – Realize o login em e aceda ao link
3 – Selecione a opção “Inscrever” nas opções laterais do lado direito
4 – (Opcional, se quiser submeter um resumo) Selecione a opção “Submeter resumo” nas opções laterais do lado direito
5 – Depois da inscrição selecione a opção “Confirmar Inscrição”
6 – Depois de confirmada a inscrição, selecione a opção “Confirmar o Pagamento” onde lhe serão pedidos os dados para a facturação e onde deverá fazer o upload do comprovativo de pagamento.

Support contact: or


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